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We cover the essential and advanced features in these tutorials & guides.

Find towers near your home, work & school.

Search within 2, 10, 25 or more miles.

Towers in and near migration routes.

Search by flyways or specific species.

Towers in and near Important Bird Areas (IBA’s).

Creating and sending letters to tower managers-just a few

Printable guide

(See below- How to send letters to a large number of tower managers)

Creating and sending letters to a larger number of tower managers – for individuals or organizations wanting to use letter-merge functions.

Map Gallery Selection.

Select from a variety of map types and styles. App feature

Important Bird Areas (IBA’s)

Find all the IBA’s in the US and the towers endangering birds in and near them. App feature

Share Feature

Share with friends, family and team members. App feature

Search Critical Habitat Zones

Find the towers endangering birds in Critical Habitat zones by the birds common name. App feature