How To Make Broadcast Towers More Bird-Friendly: Turn Off Some Lights.


How Communication Towers Are Killing Millions Of Songbirds Every Year.

A Simply Easy Solution Exists

How tower managers can save money, increase safety, and save millions of birds every year - with FAA recommended lighting.

Simply installing flashing lights can save this many birds a year:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


Small Changes - Big Improvements in Safety, Money, and Saving Birds.


PBS Frontline

Tower climbing has a mortality rate

roughly 10 times that of construction.

Installing FCC and FAA recommended lighting can significantly reduce the need for tower maintenance. 

The One Letter-1,000 Birds Project

How You Can Help

1 - Send this letter today

You can help tower owners learn about the benefits of switching from non-flashing lights to flashing ones. Flashing lights reduce bird collisions by as much as 70 percent. Plus, tower owners can save on electricity, maintenance costs, and improve safety. According to the FAA, over 10,000 towers now have bird-friendly lights, helping both tower owners and making bird migration much safer.

2 - Use this simple App.

You can help tower owners learn about the win-win opportunity to save money and save our birds by using a few easy clicks using this app. You can learn where in the U.S. towers are located, find tower owner contact information, and distribute helpful outreach materials. Join the effort to protect birds in your community and beyond.


Send our Tower Letter today

These Seven Companies are Key

You can help tower owners save money,

improve safety, and save songbirds

Help these companies save thousands of dollars a year, and save thousands of birds, often by simply turning off tower lights.

Send this letter today to -
American Towers LLC
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How To Help An Endangered Songbird Species? Send This Letter Today.

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Find the towers near you

SongbirdSaver App

Find the towers that endanger songbirds near your home, school, and where you work with this easy to use app.

Essential feeding and watering areas.

Important Bird Area's (IBA's)

Your home, school and work.

Migration routes-plus breeding and nesting areas.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Join Our Volunteer Team

We all have the opportunity to leave a one-of-a-kind mark on the world. Something bigger and more enduring than ourselves. This is your opportunity to leave an enduring legacy that preserves and protects our birds for the generations that follow us.

Send a letter to the owners of towers endangering our songbirds. Ask them to turn off their lights with FCC and FAA approval.

Find the towers near you and ask them to turn off their lights or install flashing lights.

Inspire Others - Let your friends and social media followers know what you are doing and ask them to help. 

Support the American Bird Conservancy as the work daily to protect and preserve our birds.

Fast and Easy Ways to Help

Send this one letter

This US company owns the largest number of towers in America needing lighting upgrades.

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