More than 6 Million North American birds die every year colliding with communication towers

You can help right now by using this simple app on any desktop computer, cell phone, tablet or laptop

Learn why over 11,000 communication towers are killing our birds.

How tower owners can reduce operating costs and increase safety along with protecting millions of birds each year through simple lighting changes.

Why we built the App - and why it's so Important You use it?

Simple tower lighting changes can both reduce tower lighting costs for tower owners and reduce bird collisions up to 70%. Considering that almost 7 million birds collide with towers every year-70% is a lot!

Getting started is easy.

Step 1

Using this simple app, find the towers critically dangerous to birds.

Step 2

Contact the tower owner and ask them to turn off the lights with FCC approval.

Step 3

Tell us how it's going .

Powerful, User-Friendly.

A full host of simple tools help you save songbirds. For power-users wanting additional usability, combine with a variety of Google sheet & Doc apps.


Find all the towers in critical habitat areas - lakes, streams, rivers, fields, reserves, parks, forests, meadows, beaches ...


Sort by city, state, county,, districts, zip codes, company ...


Share your finds with family, friends and team members.


Help tower owners lower operating cost and meet the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


Protect millions of our migratory songbirds from communication tower collisions, death and injury. One tower can be responsible for thousands of bird deaths.


Get the help you need from our easy user guides.

Using this App, easily find the towers that are killing our songbirds:

In essential feeding and watering areas.

In Important Bird Area's (IBA's),

Near your home, school and work.

By migration routes-plus breeding and nesting areas.

Visual aids help you find the most dangerous towers.

Download tower contact information by city, state and county.


User Guides

We cover the essentials in these getting started tutorials. Plus advanced tutorials to sharpen your skills.